How can we help?
We can provide:

  • Threat assessments encompassing current trends and developments nationally and internationally;
  • Bespoke vulnerability assessments in the face of the identified threats;
  • Assessment and evaluation of the information to underpin and develop a comprehensive risk assessment;
  • Assistance in measuring overall preparedness to manage critical incidents either though the medium of a self assessment tool or by undertaking a structured review;
  • Assistance to formulate effective Critical Incident Management Team structures with the requisite training, and management documentation;
  • Development of bespoke and specific contingency plans and associated documentation;
  • Access to trusted and experienced advisors for ongoing assistance and assessment of the level of threat posed by an event or incident.
  • Ongoing confidential support and advice on a 24/7 basis.

The primary benefits, resultant from the delivery of our integrated solution, are:

  • Ability to address the organisation’s ‘duty of care’ responsibilities;
  • Ensuring the organisation and senior management are well placed to deal with any critical incident;
  • Ensuring appropriate training for staff to minimise the impact of any related critical incident and ensuring business continuity;
  • Reinforcing the organisation’s Code of Values towards its employees, identifying and setting safety as a first priority, and securing brand